Accredited labs

BioDNA (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)

The Research Centre on Biodiversity and ancient DNA (BioDNA) is a facility of the Faculty of Food and Agricultural-Environmental Sciences of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. BioDNA is located at the University headquarters of Piacenza, and its major goal is the study of genome evolution: this facility is committed to studying genetic diversity among plants, animals and microorganisms through the analysis of their DNA.

SITEIA.PARMA (Università di Parma)

Through the Interdepartmental Centre of University of Parma SITEIA.PARMA, the Regional Administration and the University itself work together with several companies and academic Departments. Some of those partners are Barilla and Parmalat (Lactalis). SITEIA.PARMA has the mission to providing scientific support to the technology transfer of agro-food companies, creating a positive operating environment between companies and the academic institution. Therefore, SITEIA.PARMA aims to provide a network of activities and services for the food production area, from primary production to processing and marketing industry.

SSICA (Stazione sperimentale per l’industria delle Conserve Alimentari)

SSICA is a Research Lab that belongs to the Regional Network for High Technology. By working in the field of research, it offers advice, training and dissemination; and it’s able to answer to any problem related to canned food industry, with the goal of improving product safety and quality standards of the products, managing all aspects along the supply chain.