Energetic and agronomical recovery from food scraps

(Resp.: SITEIA.PARMA – Università di Parma)

Planned activities:

° Characterisation of food wastage with energy purposes;

° Pyrolysis/pyrogasification of the scraps, in collaboration with industrial consultants;

° Characterisation of biochar and syngas through chemical, physical and morphological analysis according to ISO and OECD standards;

° Assessment of the use (even non-agronomical) of biochar, and evaluation of phytotoxicity and ecotoxicity on plants and model organisms;

° Agronomical efficacy tests on biochar;

° Characterisation of the tar and potential valorisation of its chemical components.

Expected outputs:

° Biochar to be applied in the field as a soil improver;

° Syngas, a synthetic gas to be used for thermal and electrical energy production;

° Chemical compounds extracted from the tar;

° Protocol on biochar usage;

° Minimisation of disposal costs of waste from the agro-food industry;

° Economical valorisation of scraps from agro-food industries.