Member companies

Terre Cevico

Terre Cevico is a big wine cooperative in Romagna and one of the most important Italian wine systems, whose origins date back as far as more than 50 years ago. Member cooperative wineries get the grapevine from associated producers, and then carry on with the winemaking and bottling in the two major bottling centres of the Association. Because of the high volume of winemaking leftovers produced, this company is interested in considering innovative eco-friendly solutions to give value to them.


Steriltom is a tomato canning industry of Piacenza, working since 1934. For years, this company has been pursuing innovative projects on sustainability, to minimize impacts on environment and the surrounding territory. For this reason, the company is interested in new systems able to give value to its production scraps.

Latteria Sociale Stallone

The social dairy “Latteria Sociale Stallone” is involved in the project as supplier of whey and other type of scraps from milk processing. Only a small percentage of this waste returns to the supply chain, and in most cases it is destined to landfill, causing environmental pollution. This dairy farm is then keenly interested in sustainable systems leading to eco-friendly production and transformation processes, based on waste reduction, re-use and recycling.


Savoma medicinali Spa is a corporation of Parma. It started working on drugs manufacturing for general medicine, and over years it focused more and more on developing skin care products, becoming the only Italian company of agar-agar extraction and refining. The SAME skin cosmetics – produced in accordance with the strictest regulations on product quality – are characterized by their efficacy, as well as high tolerability, handiness and functionality of use. That’s why this company is truly interested in using active ingredients of natural origin like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and oils for the preparation of cosmetics.


Davines Spa is a Parma cosmetic company that sells in more than 76 countries worldwide. This company has a strong focus on sustainability, seen both as a commitment to minimize environmental impact and as a careful choice of the ingredients. This company is thus interested in getting – through the BIOWAFER project – safe, natural and eco-friendly ingredients for its cosmetic preparations.